Wednesday, June 8, 2011

final post

In ESL class i do the animation. First week I search about what is animation, how to do animation and find example talk I favorite animation. See for yourself in my knowledge section. Second week I write Chinese translate to English and post example. You can comprehension how to do the animation. third week I design the story is seed story. I application animation-ish do the 10 seconds animation. I think animation is very fun, everybody need to try to do it, It is hard. 10 seconds animation need 120 images!!  

How do I communicate my understanding of making animation in English?

The first thing I did was, I communicate my understanding of making animation in English in many ways. I translate Chinese to English first. I translate the word is what is animation. I type animation is the rapid speed to play image etc. I think to translate is not very good. The second thing was I  make a movie. I describe movie first. Then I make animation use animation-ish. I explain how to use animation-ish and what can it do. Then post in blog.

This video is work with my teacher

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