Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Curious About Why English Is To Hard?


I think English is difficult in his bo-po-mo in Taiwan (Taiwan Pinyin) is the ABC sonot the same as the English alphabet is not the same, so the semester is differentwith other countries, like the Chinese Pinyin is the romanization he had, he learnedEnglish Relatively simple, there are like Indonesia, he was also the ABC phoneticEnglish so I think difficult, speaking and writing, the most difficult to write because you want to know his alphabet, with his words, even if you do not memorizePossible, because you can not have tens of thousands of English words come on her own, will find it difficult to learn Chinese, in fact, difficult for the Chinese than inEnglish because it has 38 phonetic radicals with 214, the English only a little more than 26 letters I would say listen to will read is not write, because I had not the English alphabet, it is now hard for me. I only started a year ago, is reading English, so I am now studying the Sunbeam set international schools (in English), a bit difficult, because the Shin Kong International School is in English language schools

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